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Guidelines for Evaluating the Presentation of Dissertation

by bodhisastra

Basic Principles

  1. The university  is  interested  in  using  the  word  “realize”  rather  than  the  word

research“. That is the result of the crystallization of experience from one’s own work, not to study the work of others, knowledge, thoughts, experiences and work of other people.

  1. Master’s Degree topics will analyze factors such as success factors of … or factors that affect ….. At the doctoral level, students will synthesize forms or models by

beginning with the Model of ….

The word “Model” means an important element to make things work, to be able to do so later, like we are going to answer that question if someone wants to do like us. What advice will we have if someone wants to do like us? How to prepare what we are doing? It is a blueprint to build a house for who wants to build a house like us. He can study and follow us, or will improve more easily from us.

  1. The university focuses on qualitative research or wor Students may present quantitative data or collect quantitative data for presenting, but not wanting to be a

purely quantitative work.

  1. We do not want students to compile, gather, copy, research work, study, research or use theoretical data as academics or sages, both domestic and foreign, the same way that students in general universities do.
  2. The university does not offer the fixed course as a subject, but what the student is interested i This will be considered as a course in that field of study. But there is a

teacher who will give advice on the compilation process or transferring knowledge.  All

students are able to express their intention that they would like to apply for a degree in any subject that is directly related to the knowledge that the student will present.

  1. For the presentation of dissertation, the university will use the form of presentation of academic articles by dividing the main content into 3 main components of the

curriculum. Chapter 1is the significance of the topic proposed. From contact with student presentations, encountered problems and important issues showed that

Chapter 1 was too short, not precise enough; students should explain the broad or global significance of the topic first and then talk about Thailand down to the local

community. The students themselves may have the information, and statistics for presenting.    The  last  paragraph  therefore  should  talk  about  why  the  students  are

interested in this topic; Chapter 2 presenting the story, experience information, it was found that Chapter 2, this year, students tend to focus on bringing various theoretical

concepts to present academic data or include various texts to present, for example, how do people say?, what is the general principle?, what does it mean?, how to explain, etc.

The work like this is written according to the guidelines of the mainstream universities with all being copied together.


Bodhisastra University requires this Chapter to include an experience presentation of the student work directly, for example, if offering a business model, the writing should be their own stories, work experience, and their own work, not copying the theory to present.

This Chapter may be written in a time line, which is written in chronological order or time sequence, like talking about life style written in chronological order of the day or

age or may be written as an issue, as a matter of each activity to follow events. One

way or another, it must be written according to the principle called CIPP Model: 1) Offering the environment or surrounding stories, 2) Proposing various preparations, 3) Proposing work processes or each activity and, 4) Proposing the results of work including the impact of the work, the result may be quantitative results or qualitative results.

Another problem of this Chapter is that it is too short. I used to say that this Chapter is like a scraped coconut, it must contain enough quantity to squeeze as little coconut

milk or so much coconut milk is not consistent, so much less coconut milk is not

balanced, but if there is no coconut milk, then it means very long-winded and useless. Other issue is it should have some illustrations. If you offer to study about a factory, but without even the factory sign, that means you do not know anything about your factory or it may not be your factory at all, or  if you take  images from the internet, you do not have any work but try to make up a story to give the person an excellent impression only.

Chapter 3 is a direct answer to the problem proposed. It is the body of knowledge based on the problem set. The most common problem often found is that though it is written in its entirety, it does not answer the research questions at all, such as the research topic, model of development. If the topic is on the management of the company A, it must be written about what is the model of executive development of the company? I often ask: How many components? This must come to the conclusion that there are about 5-9 components, which should not be less, or should not be too much. It must have a concrete event with examples supporting it, not just written in a shifting way of writing which has only a topic or goes to take any model or theory from other sources. The answer for this is you have to bring the events written in Chapter 2 to support Chapter 3 in order to summarize and present the strong case.

  1. Submission of the dissertation is also required to be sent as a word file because the university will compile and publish though the university does not have the copyright

ownership of the work. It only askes for ask for permission to publish the dissertation.

If you cannot give the file, the university will not award a degree.

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