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Guidelines for Studying and Learning

by bodhisastra

Bodhisastra University (BOU) is interested to make it different from the current education system. We want to think differently from current educational institutions With the following points:


  1. Everyone should know that Bodhisastra University is open for teaching and learning in remote systems, it is not registered in Thailand, not a study in a degree system that is used to apply for a job or to find a jo University degree certification is a matter of each country to consider according to the policies of that country. The university purpose is the management of learning about goodness, beauty, and a happy successful life through creating change and the application of Buddhist principles in practice with academic knowledge in modern sciences to learn from.


  1. For Bachelor’s degree, students must write a thesis to explain the work that the students have done, for Master’s degree, students must analyze the work that the students do to demonstrate what are the success factors, for Doctoral degree, students must write a dissertation that is the synthesis of the work that the students do to show how the model works, and if others follow, what are the key principles in creating prints, writing to others, giving advice to others, or through the presentation of important elements that work successfully.


  1. For Bachelor thesis, the topic may start with an action noun or “Kaan” in Thai because it is a description of the work that is written, for the Master’s thesis, the topic must begin with the word “Factors ” or “Pacchai” in Thai, for Doctoral thesis, the topic must begin with the word “Model” or “Ruupbaep” in Tha


  1. When the student enrolls, the topic of the thesis or dissertation will determine the direction of work.


  1. BOU or MorPorSor in Thai (abbreviation of Bodhisastra University) has no sub- courses, but will use the word Bachelor’s Degree Program in Social Science or a Bachelor’s degree in religion, Master’s Degree Program in Social science, and Doctoral Degree Program in Social Science.
  2. At the undergraduate level, students must study in real action until they are successful. Therefore, they will have the right to come to the examinations for graduatio In real action, we do not want students to come to listen to lectures or instructors in the classroom. There may be additional knowledge by seminars. There may be a study visit to see the actual knowledge.


  1. Although the students will have to complete the course, the graduation is based on the results of the successful operation.


  1. Some students may have experience or have done something so successfully already. This group of students may not have to create new works but bring the accomplished work to conclude as a lesson or work and is written as a document requesting to be transferred and assessment tests in the final semester.


  1. Final examination of the Bachelor’s degree, Master’s or Doctor’s degree requires oral examination, a flipchart, or a PowerPoint presentation before submitting the complete boo After the committee have evaluated the thesis or dissertation, there will be an announcement for graduation.

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