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Methodology of Realize Type of Research

by bodhisastra

Methodology of  Realize Type of Research Not Research, But Realize

Not research, but Realize! Unlike a general university which is focusing on research

and teaching students to do research.

Bodhisastra University does not focus on “study and research“, but rather on “study and realize“.

At the doctoral level, the topic for a dissertation must start with the Model of… which

is an important element, something that is used to create a bigger thing, parts of things that are complementary to make a new creation especially.


In research, we find the truth by learning from other people, such as from inquiries

from interviews, case studies, etc. Once this process has been completed, that is the end of education and students are qualified to get the degree.

In realization or Vichak type of research, we focus on deep knowledge, insight, and crystallization of knowledge and understanding which mean that we get ideas and

knowledge from studying with others, put them into practice until we see the results clearly, and get to know the taste of real knowledge as if we learned and understood the

recipe thoroughly.

If we get experienced and enlightened students, that will have no problem. They can transfer the body of their experience and knowledge.  But if we admit students with no

experience or clear success, that may cause a problem . How much can we allow them

to study for Vichak or realization?


Or should we return to the current research program of the mainstream universities with double standard?

But if we are to be a university of action, not just memorization and tests, we need to find a model that can be accepted in the beginners group as a firm assertion of our



When BOU students still cannot do Vichak type of realization or research, what should we do?


We try to emphasize that the examination with the BOU must be on realization to offer knowledge from crystallization, but the problem is a number of our students do not yet have a job (or know clearly from the experience that has been done for a long time – Nirodha from Makha method), have less experience, or not enough experience.


In the case of weak experience like this, I therefore propose to use “research” in entering the BOU exam. But we need qualitative research conducted by going to study from people who have no less than 5 cases of research and summarize it as a case of


realization at all levels of study: B.A., M.A., and Ph.D.  To confirm the actual filed study, students should provide pictures of the field study and their pictures during interviews as well.


Different Opinions

Research before realization or research in replacement of realization might be a good

solution when students are not yet ready for jumping into realization type of research immediately because they have no direct experience, they need to learn from other people’s achievements or experiences first. As far as I can think of, some of the disciplines, such as my own linguistics, it is almost impossible to tell a sense of accomplishment in my own success. Very much that can be done is to research the achievements and work of other linguists who have reached the pinnacle of their careers, such as a linguist with a national or international reputation with at least the most innovative works being accepted in academic circles, or a professor of their disciplines may have similar characteristics on this point. This is my personal view. It may be different or opposite to some of you working in a different context (Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dhirawit Pinyonatthagarn)


For qualitative research, there are many methods and procedures that are quite different from quantitative research. The researcher must study and understand the process perfectly. Before collecting data or conducting research, students must have a research outline specifying methodology, and clear research procedures. If there is training on doing research first, it will be very good. And throughout the research path, students must have a counselor or coach to help with the advice. They should get into the right channel from the beginning. Waiting until the oral examination is too late.

(Assoc. Prof. Dr. Dhirawit Pinyonatthagarn)


If the position of the BOU is to become a university for knowledge management, BOU must create tools to manage knowledge. According to the division of knowledge, it is divided into 2 categories: 1.) Explicit Knowledge with 20%, 2) Tacit Knowledge with 80%. We must find tools to manage knowledge of 80%. This can be done initially as a 5-step knowledge management process: 1) Review knowledge, 2) Compile knowledge,

3) Use knowledge, 4) Results from using knowledge, and 5) Knowledge transfer. Each step will take a lot or less time depending on each student (Must not be equal, not the same).(Asst. Prof. Dr. Kanoksak Likhitpraiwan)

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