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In graduate studies, M.A. and Ph.D., there are often popular questions which are the language of the scholars, such as, what is your method or methodology? How did you study?


  • I will try to answer, so we can discuss with that group of scholars.
  • The first thing we need to understand is the Master’s Degree. Sometimes I didn’t study at all. The only research is called a research program. Sometimes class attendance and

research are counted in grading students (12 Credits)


But sometimes, it is a simple research called independent study or Term Paper (only 6 Credits). No research at all.


What is research? It is a systematic search for truth. The story you don’t know yet. You must set the topic and then hypothesize, place the search pattern for answers, then proceed to find the answer, and then summarize the search results which will become the answer.


Guidelines for finding answers are the source of a variety of forms of research. This is what academic researchers call Methodology, Research Method or Educational Method in order to create a sense of study results or answers.


If using a questionnaire, it is often called quantitative research, if going to the interview area, it is called qualitative research. There will be a specific case or case study or interview of an expert, there will design the exam and must issue a questionnaire, must test the query before actually using. What kind of questionnaire will be asked? How many people will you ask, what kind of analysis will be done? It is a long story.

How many case studies, how to find them, how long?

How to interview an expert, how many people have come, how long?


If it is research by experiment, it is called experimental research. If it is research by practice, it is called practical research. If it is practical research that requires participation, it is called “participatory practice”.


If it is research by document, it is called documentary research. Everything is stretched far and far because each instructor is trying to create their own rituals and techniques to make them look good and trustworthy in the eyes of others. Everything is so complicated and lengthy.


Sak Prasandee

For BOU, the Master’s and Doctoral work is not research, or to search for truth which you still do not know and want to know, it is the work that has already been accomplished, it is the realization of the job that has been done through the process of searching for truth from real life until it becomes so clear that the result of the apparent manifestation is presented and explained with the clear process how it has been done.

If it is for a Master’s Degree, analysis of the result is clear. What are the causes? What are  the factors? Or it may answer:  What are the factors that stand out?  If it is for a

Doctoral Degree, it is important to synthesize how that clear result can be the model or

of success or prototype. If taking lessons for others to do, what is right, what is real, and what is really important?


When we change the philosophy, all techniques are also changed.

  • Target groups or population to study: We do not have to ask to find out who is studying, or what features because there is only you as an exampl No need to prepare questionnaires and test the hypothesis because you ask yourself. But there should be issues or writing structures like a draft document. We do not need statistics to analyze because it is qualitative research, because we ask you alone.
  • No need to collect information when, how, because you collect information from yourself what you want to write about. You do not have to go to find the theory to

compare because you are the theory.   No need to refer who is doing the same or

different from anyone because you are unique. You do not have to write a hundred pages, but you need only 20 pages of your discovery.

  • No need to make assumptions because you are not going to research or go to ask others, you have already made clear, you just want to transfer the knowledge to present

to others.


Of course, those who want to take to the Ph.D. level must work hard. They must use their intelligent brains. And the work should be successful. Therefore, presenting the results of the analysis to receive an assessment and receive a degree from the BOU.

I was disappointed to see that some test takers evaluated with us without any knowledge of what they are doing. They just want to get a lot of doctoral degrees.

And associate institutions, sometimes, just want to have a face or want to earn money

forgetting to check the study of the learners.


We need to help develop new research theory or new methodology in order to advance the academic work of independent education or to study new alternatives to be outstanding in yourself and compete with other ideas gracefully.


Sak Prasandee

“There are no schools that teach rice business. But I learned from parents who are farmers, and started from the purchase of rice from farmers to sell to rice mills until having its own rice mill all over the country and distribute rice to both domestic consumers and export overseas, with annual turnover of approximately billion baht. I have to learn almost everything by myself, even having to experiment to bake paddy with various temperatures up to 5 steps in order to obtain a grain of rice that is stiff when applied to the color and then get the least broken rice This knowledge must be observed and experimented on for many years to get quality rice grains.”


“From a boutique hotel business for 10 years, low season is not my problem. The first period was also dismal. We have to cooperate with various tour companies to do international marketing in countries where there is no rain to use during the rainy season as a selling point. The results show that from the second year onwards, our low season is filled with tourists from countries that don’t have rain. They wanted to experience the atmosphere of Chiang Mai and the rain. “


“I was born as a farmer. I developed myself with an endeavor, trying to complete a master’s degree from Chiang Mai University. I believe that people are born poor does not mean that they cannot progress or become rich. When wanting to be a business owner, they must be with the business owner. If they want to be good at language, they must be with a native speaker. Every time we go through, we always learn. Until I decided to make a condominium for sale and succeeded, I wrote a book called Poor Dad Teaches Their Children, 4 years, 4 hundred million finally. “


These are the three examples from rice trader, hotel owner and owner of luxury condominiums in Chiang Mai and Bangkok, interviewed while transferring the knowledge arising from the direct experience of each person allowing the author to see the beauty from each person’s life experiences that are successful in different things. But things that are not different is everyone has a unique knowledge of their own, which has been tested over and over again, and has collected both formal and informal information for themselves to work until they are finally successful.


From the Royal Institute Dictionary, explaining that the Realize is enlightened, intelligent, intelligent, proficient and skilled. Therefore, the process of making Realize of the Bodhisattva University is a process that translated from those who know, inform, understand and specialize in that matter, that each person has different expertise. In the philosophy of science, it is called knowledge from within. In the field of epistemology, it is confirmed that experience is a source of knowledge. Therefore, the transferring of the experiences of the students of the Bodhisastra University is a true knowledge. The


most important thing is the knowledge that can be used, that academic circles cannot

deny the existence of such knowledge.


The knowledge of the approach is similar to the knowledge gained from qualitative research. It is knowledge of the principles, rules, rules, practices, patterns, values, meanings, factors, and patterns of various phenomena, especially in the social sciences world and is actually a practical phenomenon, that is to be used to describe and predict the phenomenon in the context of the work of that person which in qualitative research is referred to as the ground theory or grounded theory. Therefore, the analytical work that has been analyzed, synthesized and organized in a good way. Therefore, it is considered as an academic work in another paradigm aimed at creating and explaining new group theory.


Realize data is collected from the graduates themselves. The tool used to store data is You. The area for data collection is You. The source of information is You. Checking the accuracy of the data is also done by You. You may have academic experts to help organize the system to be more effective in academic practice. However, what confirms the most accurate and reliable results of the work is to be able to truly apply those principles or theories, it is not just the discovery or the theories that are written in the paper and cannot be used as a guide.


Therefore, the operation of Realize has an academic dimension that is both knowledge management from those who already have knowledge and get the same results as qualitative research which is to discover the principles, definitions, values, regulations, rules, patterns or patterns of various phenomena. The only difference is the method of data acquisition and knowledge. But the most important value and beauty of Realize is those findings are true, actually done, actually successful, and can stand to challenge the academic and professional proof. That is, there is a magnitude of quality in the dimension but there is academic strength in itself.


Dr. Wuttipong Thayaping

Director of Jitkasem Institute