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Writing for a Mini Thesis for a Bachelor degree

by bodhisastra

For those who have experience in their work life or have empirical results of success, they are required to write 5 Chapters as follows:


Chapter  1 Life and Learning

  • Life from childhood to the present,
  • Education in the system
  • Non-formal and informal learning, seminars, work visits
  • Good ideas or lessons learned in a career


Chapter  2 The Value of Life

  • Your previous good deeds
  • Work and success in life
  • Awards and Achievements


Chapter 3 Student Community

  • Student community education (history, lifestyle, society, economy, politics)
  • Potential information and social capital of the community / local
  • Health information and every condition of the community / local


Chapter 4 Student Projects (must be a real operation until the results have been seen and no work has to go into the work development process, or learning by taking action)

Sample presentation may be done with other topics

  • Project environment (e.g. Hotel management project: Homestay in Chang Island Must include the history of Chang Island, Chang Island Development, Chang Island

tourists, Hotels on Chang Island, etc. This is called context or environment)

  • Describe the nature of the project
  • Current information of the work to be studied
  • Work process or implementing plans,
  • Productivity or results and social support
  • Suggestions


Chapter  5  Summary  of  Analytical  Suggestions  (focusing  on  future  expectations, development, expansion)

  • Summary of social entrepreneurship projects
  • Future plans

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