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Writing a Thesis for Master’s Degree

by bodhisastra

Research topic must start with the word  “Key Success Factors  ………………..”


  1. Background and Significance of the Story


Explain the history of the story. Important information about this subject is figures or statistics. Indicate the significance of matters affecting life, society and environment. Show why you are interested in this topic, where you collect your data and explain the story in 2 (please understand that the BOU is interested in your explaining of the information that is your experience, knowledge, and abilities as the main aspect.


  1. Data, Story, Case Studies

Explain the story, facts, student’s work results, student activities or case studies that

students  studied  before  leading to  the conclusion  in  item  3.  This  should  have an illustration and a length of about 20 pages, written as a storytelling style.

Master data that is your experience:

  • according to the topic you propose: When did you start doing? What is the process of

doing? Explain in details: What is the current work? What are the obstacles?

  • or according to the topic you propose : What activities do you have? Explain each activity thoroughly: What is the current work? What are the obstacles?
  • and may have lessons that students have analyzed from other case studies, went to

experience and work with students to explain where to study and what is his story. Explain briefly with enough details.

Graduate  students  extended  from  the  Bachelor’s  degree  can  bring  a  project  in  a Bachelor’s degree and present it in Chapter 2 in detail including the study of additional

case studies.

Master students should be aware that the BOU is interested in the analysis of students’ body of knowledge, transfer from work     experience which should be a successful

work, not wanting students to go to search from various sources.   And it must be a

qualitative research only, except the quantity that supports quality writing.


  1. Summary of Study Results Key Success Factor …

The results must answer research questions proposed based on the research topic. How

the research topic is set, answer accordingly, if the research topic is about success factors, write out as those success factors: What are they? How many?

Please specify 5 – 9 items with explanations and examples from 2 above.

This must analyze to see whether they are real or artificial factors.  Choose to answer using only the real or genuine factors.

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