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Educational  Program

Courses  offered  by  Bodhisastra  University  aim  to  create  goodness,  beauty  and

prosperity according to the religious practices of all religions and according to the principles of sufficiency economy philosophy Of His Majesty the King. At the same

time, the student must be able to be an entrepreneur focusing on social entrepreneurship

in order to be able to feed their own lives and their families.


Education management like this is different from general mainstream higher education institutions that focus on allowing people to attend to become government officials or being a private employee. Instead, BOU students aim to study for being an entrepreneur to be their own boss and create an independent career by being an independent entrepreneur.

Bodhisastra University realizes that most educational institutions in Thailand already focus on organizing classes for employment. Therefore, we do not wish to study such

patterns and did not wish to take over the work of those institutions.

The fields of study and courses which the university will open for teaching in 2019 onwards at Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctorate degree levels are organized into 18 branches as follows:

  • Social Change
  • Social Enterprise
  • Social Development
  • Social Education
  • Public Administration
  • Social Communication
  • Business Administration
  • Social Economics
  • Lifelong Education
  • Community Care
  • Public Health
  • Folk and Holistic Medicine 13 Law and Social Justice
  • English Communication
  • Peace Studies
  • Buddhist Studies
  • Islamic Studies
  • Christian Studies

Undergraduate courses are designed for inexperienced people or new learners, as well as to transfer learning experiences for experienced people with a distinctly empirical work.


For Master’s and Doctoral degree programs, it is a research course, specifically named Realize Research.