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Program Development

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Conceptual of  Curriculum Development


               There are both supportive and rarely seen voices in which we have developed the undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs that have already been presented. Most are  afraid  that  Bodhisastra  University  will  follow  the  path  of  the  mainstream universities that are facing the challenges of population and severe technology change and made it possible to evaluate whether to end the university period in this short time. We understand that there is no understanding or people have not understood the details of Bodhisastra University programs of study. Therefore, we would like to present the reasons  and  prerequisites  first  and  people  will  understand  the  details  in  the  next opportunity. Here are the purposes:

  • To be able to communicate and understand between the BOU and the mainstream educational institutions and general students
  • Education is  a  distance  education  in  e-Learning and  self-learning.  Master’s  and doctoral degree programs are the Research Program.
  • Open education both in the normal study system and in the transfer system. Normal group is a group of students who have no experience in life, no professional experience

and still have no practical experience, such as a group of students who have just graduated at the upper secondary level or the 12th grade in a high school program or


  • For the group of experienced thinkers, they can choose to study as appropriate, such as a Bachelor’s degree, 7 semesters, experienced students may be able to transfer 1

semester, study only for 6 semesters or transfer 2 semesters, study only for 5 semesters

or transfer 6 semesters, study only for 1 semester, i.e. at least students should have activities with the university, or at least 1 associate institution for the university to understand the philosophy of the university and receive sufficient incubation.

  • How much will it be for students to transfer? Contribution institutions are considered and for subjects that are not transferred. Contribution institutions must also report the

results of that course to the university for obtaining transcripts.

  • Being in an institution for 1 semester may apply directly to the university or an associate institution. If applying to an associate institution, that associate institution should also inform student names to the university to register for a student ID first.
  • There are  opportunities  for  institutions  to  join  course  management,  but  must understand  that it is not a Bachelor’s degree in a regular or normal class which may be

precarious by law.

  • Teaching and  learning  management  at  the  undergraduate  level  also  emphasizes action or the completion of knowledge management.


Sak Prasandee

December 14, 2011